Floodplain Mapping Projects

Cow Creek Watershed

Use the links below to access the floodplain map viewer and relevant project information.  Barton County data was recently revised based on community comments:

Barton County-Cow Creek Draft Floodplain Map Viewer

Cow Watershed Hydrology Report

Barton County - click to access the estimated project timeline, fact sheet, public information sheet, draft FIS and panels

Barton County Contact Information

Rice County-Cow Creek Draft Floodplain Map Viewer

Rice County Estimated Project Timeline

Rice County Hydrology Report

Project Kickoff Presentation 2015 

Rice County FSR/Sterling Kickoff Presentation
Click the image below to view where mapping updates will occur.

Cow Map



Unsure which watershed you are in?  Use the following link to find out.
Kansas HUC 8 Watershed Map

Project Reference Map

Use this page to find relevant information on floodplain mapping projects.  Click on the map below to view current or proposed floodplain mapping projects.  Use the Kansas Floodplain Map Viewer for current effective floodplains.