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2020 marked 75 years of the Kansas Water Appropriations Act
"First in time, first in right"
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The Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Water Resources field offices are now making themselves available to the public by appointment during regular business hours.

KDA field offices serve water users statewide. Each office is managed by a water commissioner, who is the chief engineer's agent, and each is staffed with employees familiar with local water issues.

If you need to speak with someone in person, please contact the appropriate field office to schedule an appointment. All staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings in public areas of KDA buildings, except where social distancing can be maintained.

Topeka/Parsons     785-296-5733
Stafford   620-234-5311
Stockton   785-425-6787
Garden City   620-276-2901, or

Division of Water Resources

The Division of Water Resources administers 30 laws and responsibilities including the Kansas Water Appropriation Act which governs how water is allocated and used; statutes regulating the construction of dams, levees and other changes to streams; the state's four interstate river compacts; as well as coordinating the national flood insurance program in Kansas.


  • Paper Filing Fee / Online support options: Information about the $20 per water right paper filing fee that will be applied to 2018 water use reporting.
  • Quivira: Information about the investigation of the impairment complaint filed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. 
  • Hays R9: Information about the City of Hays' applications to KDA-DWR for water right changes and water transfer of the R9 Ranch.
  • Water Conservation Area (WCA): Information about WCAs and active or pending WCA plans. 
  • Local Enhanced Management Area (LEMA): Information about LEMAs including the GMD No. 4 District-wide LEMA, the Sheridan County 6 LEMA and the proposed GMD No. 5 Rattlesnake/Quivira LEMA.
  • Wichita ASR: Information about the City's request for changes to the conditions associated with the Phase II Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project.
  • Kickapoo Water Right: Information on the Kickapoo Indian Reservation Water Right Settlement Agreement.
  • Republican River CompactInformation on the latest resolutions and annual meetings between Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska on this compact.
  • Multi-Year Flex Accounts (MYFAs)
  • DWR Approved Meter List: Current list of approved water flowmeters, forms and instructions.
  • Minimum Desirable Streamflow (MDS): Streams subject to and currently under MDS administration.
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Hearing for Proposed Adoption of LEMA Regulations

A public hearing will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, November 22, 2021, to consider the adoption of proposed regulations related to the development of Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMA) by groundwater management districts.

A public hearing will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, November 22, 2021, to consider the adoption of proposed regulations related to the development of Local Enhanced Management Areas (LEMA) by groundwater management districts. Due to public health concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the hearing proceedings will be conducted virtually via Zoom to provide the opportunity for virtual participation online.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is proposing amendments to K.A.R. 5-19-1 through K.A.R. 5-19-5, which define terms and set forth requirements for the development and review of a LEMA plan, as well as the requirements for implementing changes to a LEMA plan. A LEMA is a tool that allows local groundwater management districts to set goals and control measures to aid in water conservation. There are currently three LEMAs in place in Kansas.

Anyone desiring to participate via video conference must pre-register to be provided with a video link. Registration information can be found in the expanded notice of public hearing which may be accessed on the KDA website along with a copy of the proposed regulations at The public comment web page includes a copy of the proposed regulations as well as an opportunity to provide written comments prior to the hearing; they can also be sent to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, 1320 Research Park Drive, Manhattan, KS, 66502.

Any individual with a disability may request accommodation in order to participate in the public hearing and may request a copy of the regulations in an accessible format. Persons who require special accommodations must make their needs known at least two working days prior to the hearing. For more information, including special accommodations or a copy of the regulations, please contact Ronda Hutton at 785-564-6715 or


WHAT:          Public hearing on proposed LEMA regulations

WHEN:          2:00 p.m. on Monday, November 22, 2021

WHERE:        Virtual: via Zoom

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