Kansas Wildfire Recovery Resources

Available programs and initiatives exist to assist farmers and ranchers with recovery and relief from the wildfires in southcentral Kansas. This summary of resources will be updated as details change and as new information becomes available. The Kansas Department of Agriculture appreciates the many individuals and organizations which have been working to provide these resources.

Resources for Farmers and Ranchers affected by the fire

  • FSA Public Meeting Recap: April 6 and 7

  • What help is available to replace my fencing?

  • What do I do if I lost livestock and/or feed in the fire?

  • What if my crops were affected by the fire?

  • What are best practices for restoring damaged rangeland?

  • How can I protect myself from illegal contractors?

  • Can someone help me with financial analysis and planning?

How you can help:

  • Direct Cash Donations

  • Donation of Supplies or Labor

  • Hay Donations

  • How far does your donation go?

Wildfire prevention:

The State Fire Marshal's office works to educate Kansans about fire prevention.
Wildfire Prevention and Protection Guide